Nik (dramatiknik) wrote in wmu_broncos,

Need Stuff

Hey all,

I am hoping to fund a trip and I have a few items that I am not needing. Please let me know if anything sounds good to you:

* HP Deskjet Printer - $20 or best offer
* Lexmark All-in-One - $40 or best offer (prints, copies in color and b/w, scans) bought for $75
* Chair - $15
* Entertainment Center/Bed footboard shelf/Coffee Table - 30 or best offer (made of solid wood, very vintage, sturdy and heavy) last picture
* Mini Fridge $45 or best offer (used in dorm, perfect for beer/soda/liquor or under bar)
* Small animal cage (rat/guinea pig/bunny) - $15 or best offer
* Stereo Speakers - $10 or best offer

Contact me here or at for more info.
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I may be interested in the chair. Do you have a picture?
yes, i just posted it on the entry
I may be interested in the printer!
Excellent! Thank you! Let me know if i can answer any questions for you!
heyy i hope you havent gotten rid of that printer because i do still want to buy it! i get my paycheck on mondayy, are you currently in kzoo? could we meet somewhere maybe sometime tuesday so i can purchase it? is $20 a good price for you?
I am asking 20 for the HP printer and $40 for the Lexmark. Which one were you wanting?